Combined with short intentions from the kabbalah Torah


The Siddur Sim Shalom makes prayer accessible according to the secret theory and acceptance of the entire people of Israel in a simple way, combined with intentions within the order of prayer and with explanations from one of the greatest Kabbalistic and Hasidic teachings. The arrangement includes halachic rulings from the great Sages of the Sephardi, Rabbi Ben Ish Chai, Cape Life, Rabbi Chaim Pelag J, and mention of every place shared by Ran Farr, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. From now on, KK Sephardim will be able to pray in one arrangement. The exact wording of the “Vinnitsia RP” arrangement that the Holy Aryan testified to is the most accurate wording, and added corrections to it in his book “The Gate of Intentions”. Everywhere the KK Sephardic custom is different, the text of the Vinitzia RPD is noted on the margins of the page. Including false moving and a brief emphasis emphasize correct reading of the above and present movements, and a supreme sign of reading grammar in the consumed place … Headings for awakening in standing prayer, a number of honey forests are summarized by Rabbi Yonatan Aivshitz on the recommendation of Rabbi Dov Kook of Israel. And your blessing.

Halacha: Halachic rulings from all major KK books with a precise mark on the origin of halakha. Shulchan Aruch, Rabbi Chaim Pelagi, Ben Chai Haim, Cape Haim Sofer, Beit El Customs, rulings of the Irgun Yosef in addition to wherever he shared his message and faction.

Kind of intentions: Intentions were incorporated into the text of the arrangement in a way that does not interfere with the continuous and very convenient prayer. All of them are founded on the Aryan writings, especially the Intentional Gate, which was brought into practice by the latter. The intent of each intention is a brief explanation of the intentional gate or the sails. Among the books cited from their words: The Gate of Intentions, the Tree of Life, the arrangement of Hemdat Israel, Hemdat Hayim, the Shalom River, the shortening of intentions for Ramchal, Oil Sasson, Ben Ish Chai, another Yosef Hai, Cape of Life, and many more!

Sort of formulas: In preparation for the next edition, extensive research work is documented in a book of formulas, to maintain the opinion of the Aryan Rabbi and his formulas in prayer. Rabbi Eretz Yisrael revealed his opinion in many places in the form of prayer, reading grammar, and the punctuation of letters.

Kind of Grammar: False move, a quick wink, strong emphasis, marking the melody (obvious and obvious), marking for separating the glue, top arrow where many are wrong in reading grammar, all verses are embedded in great grammar. Accurate score according to the Sephardic tradition of all generations.

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